27 July 2011

Episode 10: "Kibitzing with Kristy"

This week Morrie and Vic visit with Krisy Meanor from the Wetumpka Depot Players in Wetumpka, Alabama.  Kristy tells us about the trials and tribulations of taking their production of Second Samuel to the AACT Fest 2011.

Show Notes:  

Wetumpka Depot Players

20 July 2011

Episode 9: "Beautiful Bay Village"

This week Morrie and Vic visit with Tom Meyrose from the Huntington Playhouse in Bay Village, Ohio.  Tom has been with the Huntington Playhouse, in one capacity or another, for more than forty years.  He gives us the straight dope from the long view in community theatre.

Show Notes:

Huntington Playhouse

15 June 2011

Episode 8: "Live from Komatsu!"

Morrie and Vic visit with Gart Westerhout from the Osugi Musical Theatre in Komatsu, Ishikawa, Japan.  The Osugi Musical Theatre produces original musicals at home and abroad.  Best of all...we get to hear Gart play and sing some of the songs from the shows.

Show Notes

Osugi Musical Theatre

09 June 2011

Episode 7: "Truncated Paul"

Morrie and Vic visit with Paul Bourne, Artistic Director of the Menagerie Theatre in Cambridge, England. Sadly, Vic forgot to bring the faders up on Morrie and Paul during the first bit of the show, so the show is a bit truncated.  Still, Paul has some very interesting shows he's working on in England and the States.

Show Notes

The Menagerie Theatre

Naomi Wallace's The Retreating World

Stand by Your Van

Four for Jericho

31 May 2011

Episode 6: "What's a Field Services Director?"

Morrie and Vic visit with Ron Ziegler this week.  Ron is the Field Services Director for the American Association of Community Theatres, and gives us the scoop on what's happening in the AACT's festival cycle.  Ron also wants us to know that the AACT Fest Hotel special price has been extended to June 6th.

Show Notes:

American Association of Community Theatres

Fyels The simplest file sharing site on the web.

21 May 2011

26 April 2011

Episode 2: "Tinker Talks!"

Morrie and Vic visit with Bruce Tinker, Executive and Artistic Director of the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Bruce has great insights into what is working, and perhaps more importantly, what's not working in one the United State's biggest community theatres.

Show Notes:

Grand Rapids Civic Theatre

Text Blasting

Tiny Letter, a free newsletter service.

22 April 2011

Episode 1: "Hello World!"

Morrie Enders and Vic Phillipson, two guys with more than 60 years of experience working in community theatre, use this first episode to introduce themselves and let folks know what the show is going to be about.

Show Notes:

Morrie's Lincoln Community Playhouse in Lincoln, Nebraska:

The Roadside Theater in Heidelberg, Germany